Graphic Design & 3D Animations
Barcelona, 2022.
Fastlove Studios is a projects lab exploring and embodying new ways of thinking and living. A space of reflection for action.

FASTLOVE SHOP ︎ Sportswear Collection
3D scenarios.

Unreleased proposal (WYP) of digital nature scenarios for the launch of the Sportswear Fastlove Capsule Collection that activates ethical processes and regenerated materials.

Turbocharlas ︎Podcast
3D Logo Animation

Shading and 3D animation for the header of Fastlove’s Podcast.

Cryptoblurbs ︎Cryptoconcepts IG Section
Graphic Design 

Graphic design for the Cryptoblurb Instagram section: where basic concepts of the Web3 and Crypto enviroment are explained, in a series of posts. We were looking for a design far away from the sobriety, the technological and business style that other companies usually show.

Seedbombs ︎IG Section
Graphic design & 3D Modeling

Graphic design and 3D modeling for the Seedbombs Instagram section: Similar to cryptoblurbs but in this case basic concepts of the Web3 -and impactDAOS with ecological and ethical interests- are explained, in a series of posts.