of (S)punk

Visual identity.
Logotype, Promo & 3D Visuals
Barcelona, 2023.

House of (S)punk is a Barcelona based music label - and parties - for the queer, trans, women & cyborg electronic community. I work together with them in all the promotional elements, as well as in the visuals projected in the parties. The label has been recognized by magazines like DAZED or Crack magazine.

Logo Design

In collaboration with
Monica LLag.
Mixing techno's neon aesthetics with a handmade typography simulating a liquid texture to represent fluidity.

༄ؘ  Sketch & Digitization.

༄ؘ Final Result

Hangar Showcase

House of (S)punk organized a Showcase in the Hangar cultural center in Barcelona. An event open to the public, to enjoy of different artistic disciplines like performance, visuals, dj’s and even a  DIY fashion contest.

༄ؘ Flyer

༄ؘ The 3D doll

 ¡Drag the elements and Make your Doll!

༄ؘ The visuals

༄ؘAfter video

༄ؘ Pictures

(S)punk: The party

(S)punk is the quarterly party of House of Spunk. I design the animated flyers and the visual identity of the party, as well as the visuals that are projected around the stage.

༄ؘ Flyers

༄ؘ Visuals