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La sedienta


Welcome to
my world

Welcome, I'm La Sedienta. I want to show you the vision of my world, through each project I like to reflect an unique story.
Throught 2D/3D motion graphics mixing other disciplines such as sound design, storytelling or dance, I create unique pieces that captures the look of the viewer, and brings them to a magical place in their own inner world.

In the gallery below, you can find a Selfporait, the debut piece with which you can meet La Sedienta.

also from the need to (re)connect with ourselves and the reality that surrounds us, growns between a game of ‘lights’ and shadows "My little garden":

A short audiovisual piece that shows how we cultivate our safe space in intimacy is a short video-dance piece where dance and motion design are mixed to show the story of the eternal struggle for being loyal to our inner truth.

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