Welcome to the lab! Where I produce self-initiated projects  in which I freely experiment with my creativity and ideas. Opening creative limits, exploring styles and mixing artistic disciplines forward-thinking on the growth of my own imaginarium.

La Sedienta

The born of la Sedienta, a selfportrait.
Art direction, Videoart & Motion graphics.
Barcelona, 2020.

At the end of 2019, I asked myself what would be the best way to create a self-portrait that could define me and at the same time, reflect the essence of my graphic style, thus finding the core of my personal brand. A visual lab borns where the need for experimentation mixed with passion will give rise to works in which I allow my creativity to work freely, keeping me growing.

The self-portrait begins with a restless voice that bursts into the life of the protagonist (that's me!) and push her to find the answer that will lead her to discover the origin of that voice.   The piece shows the point of union between myself and that personal brand in which my creativity resides, we will see what motivations it has and at what rhythm its curiosity beats.

I introduce you to the soul of my own imaginary: La Sedienta, Welcome to her world.

 Behind the scenes 

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My Little Garden

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Dance performance, art direction
& 3D motion graphics.
Barcelona, 2021.

From the need to (re)connect with ourselves and the reality that surrounds us, growns between a game of ‘lights’ and shadows "My little garden": A short audiovisual piece that shows how we cultivate our safe space in intimacy, as a result of the loss of identity we suffer for gradually exposing ourselves to a constant of stimuli, in a society where the boundary between tangible and virtual reality is increasingly blurred. In this capitalist world, of social media and bigdata, we undertake our own inner path to seek and reconnect with what makes us feel and be, the best version of ourselves.Through dance and 3D motion design, I direct a piece where the identity of the dancers is masked to connect with what they feel and be able to transmit to the viewer a story: the story of the internal struggle to build, remember or fight for who we are, who we love and why we live.

This piece designed exclusively in vertical format for smartphones, introduces the user in an experience that breaks in with an uncomfortable aesthetic near the sinister, where the dancers emerge from the darkness, generating that point of tension to the viewer that contrasts sharply with moments of light, virtual nature and fantasy. These dualities mark us the ‘quid’ of the piece: light-dark, nature and nothingness, or "My little garden": that polar struggle to keep our inner truth alive and the relevance of a safe-space for the construction of the self.

✿ Art direction, motion designer, concept & music edition:  Nerea Gil "La Sedienta" 

✿ Dancers:

Alma Honrado - @almahonrado
Daniel Chamizo - @chamizodaniel
Fabiola Paolelli - @fabiolapaolelli
Nora Zafri - @madamezafri
Nerea Gil - @la_s3dienta

✿ Choreography & Performance:

Nora Zafri - @madamezafri
Nerea Gil - @la_s3dienta

✿ Camera: Laura Fernández - @laurafdzestevez

✿ Costume Assistant: Piti González - @Yun_vision

✿ Assistant: Daniel Rivera @creador_de_arte


︎︎︎Published at The Dollhouse of Polyester Magazine, May 2021.
︎︎︎Selected work for Thessaloniki Queer Arts Festival (TQAF): What’s identity? June 2021


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