Hi my name is,

I’m a visual communicator (graphic design, motion graphics, art direction and wherever the wind might take me I guess) based in Barcelona. I like to think of my work as humane, open-hearted and diverse. I do also projects around the stage world, as a dancer I love to mix the best of both worlds: stages & visuals.

When possible I like it to engender positive social change and humor (by making float claims in the air I hope they might land into somebody’s unconscious and whisper something nice). 

La Sedienta was born as the soul of my creative imaginary, it’s the personal brand that groups those works and projects in which I can freely pour my style and creativity.  Below you can find other works in different techniques and styles, for clients, projects and orders.


¡Thank you for your patience!
Watch a reel of the 2021’s work or check my instagramto find the newsest works:



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