Misphits is a generative art collection formed by 2222 NFT’s living on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Misphits represents the very first citizens of W3ST: a Solarpunk meta-nation.
Misphits holders will have co-governance rights over the DAO decision making processes and benefits throughout the entire W3ST NODE NETWORK.

I was working as a designer closely with the W3st & marketing team until Misphits reached... 
¡3rd place in the global NFT collections! 

Scroll down below where you will find some of the creative works I took part in:

VFX & Credits motion graphics work
Have you seen that stormy sky where the three spaceships are coming out from?
¡It’s all about VFX Magic!

The instagram filter

3D Promo animation:

Merch Design:

AI generated campaign
directed by @getarealjob