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A digital neo-society co-created bottom up by all kinds of freethinkers and visionaries who share eco-social justice values and work together on a common mission: to hack narratives and physical realities through collective positive impact projects.


Know W3ST in 2 minutes

The origin
︎︎︎    From Hawkers to W3ST, the project explained in less than 2 minutes.

Explained by us
︎︎︎  We were interviewed by Spanish national television, where we were able to explain briefly what W3st is all about.

Capsule messages

A message hidden in a future capsule sent from other metaverses, calls for unity on planet Earth. Giving birth to W3ST DAO.

Watch all the capsule messages ︎︎︎

The Passport
The passport unlocks your citizenship
in W3ST ecosystem Know more

Merch for the futur3